Welcome to the THRESHOLD WikiEdit

This Wiki is for all things THRESHOLD, the D&D 5e webseries from D6m! From world lore to episode synopsis, to info about other Threshold games, it's all here!



Gods and Religions

Relics and Artifacts

d6m's YouTube page

Threshold Subreddit


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The Stories of Threshold Edit

Threshold - {{#NewWindowLink: | Youtube Series by d6mafia }}

Threshold: Moonlight/Sunlight - {{#NewWindowLink: | Podcast Series by Studio LT3 }}

Threshold: The Cold Iron Wars - {{#NewWindowLink: Cold Iron Wars | Exposition}} + {{#NewWindowLink: | Youtube Audio }}

Threshold: Saining Shadows

Threshold: Voyages - Exposition -Cancelled

Threshold: Auk's Chosen - Youtube Series + {{#NewWindowLink: Auk's Chosen | Exposition}}

Threshold: Omens - Exposition + Youtube Series (eventually)

Threshold: Ranch - Twitter Campaign by d6mafia + Transcript

Threshold: Volition – Exposition

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