The Great Inner Expedition of 10027 was the first attempt by an empire to explore the inner ring of Möbius. Captained by expedition leader Rasper Hawkborne, fifty ships of two-thousand men sailed from Schaufelstadt, Valberg across the northern edge of the Möbius' Twist, carried by the North Winds. The expedition was never heard from again and was considered a total loss, yet to this day no shipwrecks or debris have been discovered along the route that match those used in the expeditionary force.

Preparation of Schaufelstadt Edit

Three years prior to the expedition a staging location was chosen in the northwest region of the Valberg province to launch the expedition. The staging site was chosen to its close proximity to the North Winds and favorable currents leading into the Inner Ring. During this period of preparation, the region's population grew from 2000 in 10024 to nearly 35,000 by the expedition launch in 10027.

Expedition Launch Edit

Fifty ships consisting of ten great galleons, twenty frigates, and twenty sloops, were launched across a ten-day storm window from Schaufelstadt in late spring of the year 10027. The fleet would rendezvous at a midway point in Mobius' Twist, then split into ten fleet-groups of five ships to sail a 5 degree separation into the Inner Ring, in order to maximize the chances of reaching land. Upon landfall, crews would explore for no more than until late-summer, so they may return before winter ice locks the sea.

Aftermath Edit

After the expedition was lost, the staging city was renamed Schaufelstadt, literally translated to "shovel city" in memory of its leader's signature weapon, the shovel. Some historians believe that, lacking proper evidence for its loss at sea, it's possible that the expedition successfully reached land in the Inner Ring, yet failed to return to the Outer Ring.