Fates Combo

The Symbol of the Three Fates

The three Fates are powerful beings worshiped by the men and women of the Aeron continent. They each represent a fundamental principal of the universe, and are seen to govern the fate of all living things.

Fates Nara
The Holy Symbol of Nara
Domain Law, Protection
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Center of Worship Naran, Sherry

Nara Edit

Nara is the fate of law and order. She carries a book in which the life story of each man and woman is written, and a quill with which the stories are put down. This tome is the symbol most associated with Nara. It is customary to beg for Nara to be kind in her book when making a plan or plotting a course of action, and her name is invoked by storytellers and writers at the beginner of their works. She represent law, order, planning, ideal forms and symmetry.

Dica Edit

Dica is the fate of chance. She carries a set of dice that she uses to affect the outcome of events. These dice are the symbol most associated with Dica. She inserts randomness into the universe and makes the outcome unclear. Dica's name will be invoked for good luck, and for aid in overcoming the odds. She represents luck, chance, chaos, expression, and the thin line between life and death.

Fates Dica
The Holy Symbol of Dica
Domain Chaos
Alignment Luck
Center of Worship Unknown

Meta Edit

Meta is the fate of some unknowable knowledge that is not completely understood but who's power cannot be denied. He is alien in psychology and is prone to drive his followers mad. They, however, claim to be super-sane: possessing knowledge from beyond this world that governs even the gods themselves. His symbol is a circle, an object that can not truly exist unless declared to be so.

Fates Meta
The Holy Symbol of Meta
Domain Madness, Chaos, Law, Magic
Alignment Unknown
Center of Worship Unknown