House Easter Crest
Easterton City
Easterton Notes
Vital statistics
Biome Temperate
Location Aeron
Inhabitants Humans, Bullywugs

Overview Edit

Easterton, formerly Aeroton, is the capital city of the Aero region of the Kingdom of Carmél. It has been ruled by the Easter family after The War of the Wood and the subsequent execution of house Aero. It is currently ruled by Damian Easter.

History Edit

Aeroton was established by the powerful Aero family in 3051 AL. Later 3344 AL, The Roost is constructed.

Kingdom of Aero Edit

3801 AL, Aeroton is named the seat of the newly established Kingdom of Aero.

War of Wood and Snow Edit

At some point, Mammoth Lord Nostromo invaded south, taking much of the Whitewood, sieging Aeronton for a month before being rescued by Demarin forces.

Bending the Knee Edit

The Kingdoms were later dismantled during the coronation of King Carmél, and became the Aero Region, with the Aero family remaining in control of their old territories, being named Ent of the East.

War of the Woods Edit

House Aero, choosing not to pay their taxes to the crown, attempted open rebellion against the Crown. Following the defeat, House Aero, as punishment, was completely wiped out and replaced by House Easter, a house that had remained loyal to the crown. The city was renamed Easterton.

Modern Easterton Edit

Layout Edit

Known as the City of Waterfalls, Easterton's skyline is dominated by The Roost, atop the Three Sister Falls, Artis Fores and Uta. The city is divided by elevation or rivers into five distinct districts: Foresbrook, Artiscrest, Utaberg, East City, and the Bullydocks.

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Bullydocks Edit

Accessable only by the lifts, most