Duarbores Nitere'Uni
Vital statistics
Race Wood Elf
Location Unknown
Age 268
Status Missing
House Affiliation None
Title None
Parent Typhonis'Callumis and Typhonis'Calecera
Spouse Duarbores Crescere'Uni
Children None
Physical attributes
Height 5'11
Weight 125

Duarbores Nitere'Uni was born Floreo'ignis Nitere in 9,746 AL to Typhonis'Callumis and Typhonis'Calecera, proud traders living on the northeast side of Galn. She was the apprentice of Galerial Fluentaquam for about a century starting at the age of 80. She met her future spouse, Duarbores Crescere at his mother's shop and they began courting shortly after,

They underwent their Joining Ceremony in 9,960 AL becoming Duarbores Nitere'Uni and Duarbores Crescere'Uni. During the 2 year duration of the ceremony, Nitere grew a living seed into a living sapling and enchanted it into a living staff as a grand gesture for Cres. No one knows how she accomplished this feat.

She and Cres lived happily in the southernmost part of Galn until she mysteriously went missing in the winter of 9,968 AL. Very little information of any substance has surfaced about the reason for his disappearance or her current whereabouts.

Nitere's half of the marriage tree has been dying for many years, but has recently started to bud again. This occurred on the same night Crescere received Lunam's prophecy hinting at the first signs of Nitere's trail.